You count, and WashU counts! Your participation in the 2020 Census is essential. The results will determine government funding for schools, hospitals, and other vital programs in your community. They also guarantee that all residents receive fair and equal representation in Congress. We can play a part in ensuring a complete and accurate count. That’s why we’re encouraging participation with the WashU Counts Census Contest!

Complete the 2020 Census by September 30, and enter to win $100. If you have filled out the census, follow the link below to fill out a form with your information to enter the raffle. If you have not filled out the census yet, click the link below to go to the 2020 Census site, complete the form, and return to this site to enter the contest. We will draw and announce the winner on October 1!

Thank you for your participation in making WashU Count!

No, I have not filled out the census yet!

Yes, I’ve filled out
the census!