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“Why Do You Give?” Donors on the Importance of Blood Drives

The final University-Wide Blood Drive of the semester was held on April 3. Students, staff, and faculty came out in droves to support this important cause. Sponsored in partnership with the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center and the American Red Cross, blood drives are a campus tradition that brings the community together in support of a common cause.

364 total units of blood were donated to the two organizations at the April drive, a significant increase from the 295 units collected in January. The Blood Drive Leadership Team focuses on building a campus culture of enthusiasm around blood drives. For those who are not eligible to donate, there are still ways to make an invaluable impact by volunteering, spreading the word, or participating in ally donation.

Before giving blood, donors were given the option to share anonymous feedback on the drive through a survey. One of the questions was, “What led you to donate today?” The answers that people shared were silly, poignant, inspiring, and everywhere on the spectrum between. Read responses from undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff below.

Why do you donate?

  • Undergraduate Students
    “Why not, right?”
    “It’s an easy way to give back.”
    “I feel like there is no excuse not to.”
    “The knowledge that blood gives life.”
    “I try to donate as often as possible.”
    “I can! So I might as well.”
    “I feel like I have something people need.”
    “Saw it on my way home and thought, ‘why not?’”
    “It felt right”
    “Try something new.”
  • Graduate Students
    “Desire to help.”
    “I’m O negative.”
    “It’s easy and convenient.”
    “I’m a cancer survivor and blood receiver.”
  • Faculty
    “It’s easy and important.”
    “I can.”
  • Staff
    “Just wanted to help out and to start donating regularly now that I work on campus.”
    “I try to donate as often as possible.”
    “I am Batman.”
    “I can help and no harm to me.”

To learn more about the University-Wide Blood Drives and how you can get involved, visit