The Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement was founded to uplift Washington University’s commitment to the civic mission of higher education.

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Established in 2005, the Gephardt Institute was envisioned as an “action tank” for engaged citizenship. More than 19 years later, the Gephardt Institute has become Washington University’s standard-bearer for civic engagement.

Our work is led by a dedicated team of professional staff members, and WashU students in internship and fellowship positions that support Institute priorities in student engagement, research and evaluation, community partnerships, and more.

Our Commitment to Equity

“At Washington University, we welcome difference on our campus in the form of gender, race, ethnicity, disability, neurodiversity, geography, socioeconomic status, age, political views, religion, philosophy, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression and veteran status. This is central to our mission as we continue to prepare values-oriented, compassionate individuals to be productive leaders in a global and rapidly changing society. These are not just ideals; they are competitive advantages and a central part of our relentless pursuit of excellence.”

Chancellor Andrew D. Martin

Washington University is dedicated to building a diverse community committed to contributing to an inclusive environment—to foster respect for and welcome all people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We encourage applications from individuals with a commitment to these values, and to the Gephardt Institute’s core values of Inquiry, Empathy, Collaboration, Integrity, Equity, and Action. 

Learn more about the university’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and access.

Open Internship Opportunities

The Gephardt Institute employs a range of student staff including undergraduate coordinators, graduate assistants, and master’s research fellows who fulfill essential roles and benefit from substantive professional and personal development.

Learn more about our internship program. Positions below are still open and applications will be accepted until they are filled.

Current Openings (Application period April 23 – May 10, 2024) :

Community and Alumni Engagement Assistant

Marketing and Communications Graphic Designer

Marketing and Communications Photographer

Marketing and Communications Writer

Marketing and Communications Assistant

Marketing and Communications Film and Media Assistant

Graduate Assistant for Student Civic Learning: Civic Café Evening Event Series

Coming Soon: Graduate Assistant for Student Civic Learning: Global Perspectives and International Student Engagement

St. Louis Impact Fund: Grants Intern

To see all current undergrad and graduate/professional internship opportunities and to apply, visit our application page.

For questions about internship opportunities, please email Sonia Sequeira, Associate Director of Community Engagement: .

Open Career Opportunities

Essential to every aspect of the university’s mission, Washington University employees enrich students’ learning experiences, discover and build knowledge, advance health, save lives, and support excellence in all that we do.

Open positions at the Gephardt Institute will be listed below when they become available.

There are no open career opportunities at this time.

About The Institute

The Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement is located at Stix House on the Danforth Campus.

Our Mission & Vision

We build mutually beneficial partnerships with the St. Louis community, create civic engagement opportunities for students, and prepare them to lead change wherever they live and work.

Our mission is to foster a vibrant culture of civic engagement throughout Washington University by catalyzing student learning, participation, and impact in civic life.

Our Values

The following values guide the Gephardt Institute as an organization and serve as a shared compass for civic and community engagement at Washington University. Although each value can function independently, they are intentionally organized as a continuous cycle that starts with inquiry and empathy before ultimately arriving at action—mirroring the process of engagement.

InquiryWe believe that humility, intellectual curiosity, and reasoning form the foundation of informed and responsible civic engagement.
EmpathyWe believe that seeking and considering multiple perspectives transforms how individuals and communities engage with one another.
CollaborationWe believe that partnerships are most impactful when rooted in shared goals and decision-making.
IntegrityWe believe that upholding ethical behavior, respecting others, and honoring commitments are cornerstones of trusting and reciprocal partnerships.
EquityWe believe that effective civic engagement fosters access, opportunity, and dignity for all, and addresses structural and power imbalances.
ActionWe believe that effective civic engagement is an active process requiring courage, dedication, and participation.

Meet Our Team

In addition to infusing civic and community engagement throughout WashU, we also enjoy exploring the many incredible culinary destinations and parks in the area.

Video: The Gephardt Legacy

Learn more about the Gephardt Institute including our founder, Congressman Dick Gephardt, our history, our priorities, and our vision for the future.