We are WashU in St. Louis, for St. Louis, and with St. Louis.

Rich with culture and always evolving, our region is a confluence of people, imagination, and challenges that mirror those of our nation. St. Louis is home to unique neighborhoods, world class cultural institutions, expansive greenspaces, and a can-do community of dreamers, thinkers, doers, and storytellers. Our history is complex — and our future is ripe with possibility. You have the opportunity to be part of it all. 

Through Engage St. Louis, we’ll help you connect with our region — beyond the tourist attractions and news headlines — to help you learn from and contribute to our community. Whether you’re just getting your bearings or you’re ready for deep partnership work, we’re here to support you. 

The Gephardt Institute invites you to get to know St. Louis’ diverse neighborhoods and to explore our region’s rich and complex history. Through a range of programs and resources, we foster relationships between you and St. Louis civic and community organizations that are moving our region forward. And we’re ready to support big ideas for making St. Louis a better place through collaborative work.   

Our community presence must stand on deep engagement and earned trust. There is a momentum to our region along with ongoing challenges. St. Louis brims with creativity and innovation; at the same time our city carries deeply rooted racial inequities.

WashU’s “Here and Next” Strategic Plan

Discover what makes our
region so special to our students, neighbors, and campus colleagues in our 60-second “St. Louis is…” video.

Explore our Engage St. Louis programs and resources, and discover the opportunities that await you. 

St. Louis Fellows

Engage with St. Louis through a six-month experiential curriculum and summer internship to build your civic leadership skills and advance our region.

Engage STL

Get off campus and get to know the communities of our region, through neighborhoods tours, visits to landmarks and businesses, and delicious local food.

Civic Café

Share a meal, dialogue, and learning with community and campus experts on key civic issues and skills — join us weekly.

Gerry & Bob Virgil Ethic of Service Awards

Nominate someone you admire who exemplifies a character of service and engagement with the St. Louis region, and be inspired by the stories of past honorees.

This Civic Moment Podcast

Find out what inspires regional civic and community leaders to engage this civic moment and explore what is next for our civic future in the St. Louis region 

In the Lou

Find out what makes St. Louis such a dynamic and special place, by engaging with neighborhoods, communities, and neighbors who call St. Louis home.

St. Louis Impact Fund

Apply for the funding you need to further your community partnership projects and engage with St. Louis.

Civic Action Week

Tap into a range of civic learning and engagement opportunities through this weeklong annual initiative that can get you started or help you progress on your civic journey.

Community Engagement Framework

Use our framework as a guide and entry point for you to build a base of tools before you engage in community work.

United Way’s
Volunteer Center

Discover more ways to make your impact in the St. Louis region, through United Way’s searchable database of volunteer opportunities.

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