Want to get involved in the St. Louis region during your time at WashU? Looking to learn more about the history of St. Louis; place, space, and people? Seeking a way you might make an impact in the lives of St. Louisans?

Before you start that non-profit, new initiative, service trip, or other great idea – we encourage all WashU students to review and reflect on the Gephardt Institute’s Community Engagement Framework. This framework is built as a guide and entry point for students to build a base of tools prior to engaging in community work.

We encourage you to dive in to the framework, reflect on how it may inspire your engagement, and reach out to us. Our team is always willing to help you connect, reflect, and think of mutually beneficial ways to engage with St. Louis.

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The Community Engagement Framework by the Gephardt Institute is a pdf guide that offers concepts and practices to guide Washington University students, faculty, and staff interested in engaging with the community ethically and responsibly. The framework is organized around the Gephardt Institute’s 6 values.

Gephardt Institute Values

InquiryWe believe that humility, intellectual curiosity, and reasoning form the foundation of informed and responsible civic engagement.
EmpathyWe believe that seeking and considering multiple perspectives transforms how individuals and communities engage with one another.
CollaborationWe believe that partnerships are most impactful when rooted in shared goals and decision-making.
IntegrityWe believe that upholding ethical behavior, respecting others, and honoring commitments are cornerstones of trusting and reciprocal partnerships.
EquityWe believe that effective civic engagement fosters access, opportunity, and dignity for all, and addresses structural and power imbalances.
ActionWe believe that effective civic engagement is an active process requiring courage, dedication, and participation.

Have questions? Reach out to Sam Babb, Associate Director for Community Engagement, at sbabb@wustl.edu.