You want to make a difference and lead us to a better future. We’ll help you make an impact today and prepare for a lifetime of leading change.

At the Gephardt Institute, we combine learning and doing through experiential education that will help you translate your passions, skills, and career goals into civic impact. Through our civic leadership programs, you’ll engage with civic and community leaders from a variety of industries, build dialogue and collaboration skills to move difficult work forward, and effect change through internships, community partnerships, and campus leadership.  

Whether you’re an aspiring change maker or you want to expand on your previous experience and impact, we offer a range of opportunities to help you further your vision for a better world.

Explore our programs and be sure to monitor application deadlines. We’re looking for students who will bring curiosity, an open mind, a hunger for growth, and a passion for change. If you bring these qualities, we encourage you to apply regardless of your past leadership experience. 

Civic Scholars

Engage in an in-depth two-year curriculum and Civic Summer to hone your passion and develop your skills for civic leadership. Apply as a sophomore for your junior and seniors years.

ChangeMakers Series

Connect with WashU alumni who weave civic and community engagement into their careers.

Gephardt Student
Internship Program

Support the institute’s initiatives through paid internships and graduate assistantships while sharpening your professional skills and building your civic leadership and career experience.

St. Louis Fellows

Engage with St. Louis through a six-month experiential curriculum and summer internship to build your civic leadership skills and advance our region.

St. Louis Impact Fund

Apply for the funding you need to further your community partnership projects and engage with St. Louis.

WashU Votes Exec

Bring your passion for democracy to a leadership role in WashU Votes or Grad/Professional Students Vote, our boots-on-the-ground campus voter engagement teams.

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