“What is at the core of why our democracy functions as well as it does? In the end, it is because of the presence of our citizens, engaged in our governance and in the communities they live in – helping people who need help and being involved in the dialogue that has to go on in a democracy”  

Congressman Dick Gephardt, Founder, Gephardt Institute

Our Mission

The Gephardt Institute fosters a vibrant culture of civic engagement throughout Washington University, realized by engaged citizens, scholarship, and partnerships that advance the collective good.

Our Goals

  1. Educate students for lifelong engaged citizenship
  2. Catalyze partnerships that respond to community needs and priorities
  3. Infuse civic engagement throughout the Washington University experience

We are dedicated to supporting all members of the Washington University community seeking to connect your academic, professional, and personal commitments with meaningful community engagement. Please reach out, and we will work with you to identify options that will turn your passions into action.