Engage Democracy 2024 is an event series focused on election-related programming at Washington University. Engage Democracy 2024 connects students, faculty, and staff with compelling election-related events, increases voter education, and contributes to building a culture of civic & community engagement throughout WashU.

For more info on upcoming elections, please visit our WashU Votes voter engagement page.

Please join us at these upcoming events:

We welcome all members of the WashU community to submit event proposals to the Engage Democracy 2024 series!

To submit an event to Engage Democracy 2024, please complete the form below. Event submissions for Engage Democracy 2024 will be accepted on a rolling basis, with lead time of at least four to six weeks. To be considered in the series, events must be submitted via the form on this site. No alternate submissions (email, Happenings group, WUGO, etc.) will be accepted.

All events in the series will be nonpartisan and feature multiple perspectives, academic analysis, and/or discussions of the electoral process and/or democracy and how they relate to other social issues. 

Example Events:

  • Debate watch parties and analysis
  • Speaker and panel events
  • Civic action events, e.g. nonpartisan canvassing, letter writing, or Get Out the Vote efforts
  • Educational event around MO ballot initiatives
  • Connecting academic curricula and coursework to the electoral process or prominent issues in the election
  • Creative and arts-based events

For events in the Engage Democracy 2024 series, the Gephardt Institute will provide the following:

  • Promotional support to amplify your marketing and outreach efforts
  • Gephardt Institute professional staff attendance and support at events (if desired and if staff availability permits)
  • Special event tag on Happenings
  • Voter information materials for distribution at your event and student volunteers providing voter registration support
  • For students and student groups only: Event design or logistical support to help you ensure a successful event. Students and student groups should refer to Campus Life’s Event and Program Timeline before submitting.

The Gephardt Institute will not provide funding for events.

If you have additional questions, please reach out the Gephardt Institute’s Civic Engagement Manager, Otto Brown, at otto@wustl.edu.

Submit your event proposal:

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