WashU Engage offers civic and community engagement opportunities nationwide, focusing on serving local communities and deepening connections among alumni. The initiative is coordinated by the Gephardt Institute and the Washington University Alumni Association.

WashU Engage is an initiative co-led by the Gephardt Institute and the Washington University Alumni Association which aligns with the university’s commitment to supporting habits of lifelong learning and leadership for alumni. This series of civic and community engagement opportunities serves local communities and encourages alumni to engage in the cities where they live and work. In previous years, alumni have participated in nearly 50 projects across the nation.

We are continually adding new opportunities. If you would like to participate or lead a future WashU Engage project, please contact Jenna Kalkwarf at jenna.kalkwarf@wustl.edu. To learn more about leading a project, view the handbook for Site Leaders here

If you are interested in other WashU events happening in your city, please visit the events calendar.

Spearheaded by John Crosby, AB ’69, and a dedicated planning committee, our Chicago chapter was the first to expand the current WashU Engage model by offering civic and community engagement activities throughout the year, including a retirement center “Bingo and Breakfast,” park restoration, and Common Reading Program book discussions in 2018. Learn more about the inaugural year of the WashU Engage Chicago program here.

The WashU Engage Washington, DC chapter has also expanded its offerings. Learn more about the Chicago chapter and DC chapter

WashU Engage has hosted projects in the following cities: