Sept. 26-30, 2022

Civic Action Week (CAW), kicks off on September 26! CAW is a weeklong initiative to highlight civic engagement opportunities throughout Washington University—in relationship with local community, campus partners, and beyond. All week across campus, different faculty, staff, and community partners will host events and other opportunities to engage. 

Why Civic Action Week? 

Our civic landscape is continually evolving. Events of the last few years have compelled us to reflect on the state of our democracy and civic impact. The profound health and economic consequences of the pandemic, as well as an increasingly fractured political sphere, underscore the importance of civic engagement. So where do you begin?

We see Civic Action Week as a tool for students to understand their civic journey, learn more about critical issues, and build connections for future work.

From screen printing your own civic action t-shirt to attending the Civic and Community Engagement Fair, there’s plenty of ways to get involved on campus. We want to empower you to turn your civic passions into action.

Event Line-up

Some events have limited spots available. * indicates that registration is required. 

There are not currently any upcoming events scheduled. Please check back for new events to be added.

In the meantime, if you’d like to explore campus events, please visit Happenings at WashU.

How else can I get involved? 

If you are interested in volunteering during the week, you can contact the Gephardt Institute at Volunteer activities pre-Civic Action Week might include posting flyers, organizing supplies, or supporting other important details.  

Before Civic Action Week, we need support in getting the word out about activities! If you are part of a student group, organize attendance at one of the events. In class, you can ask to make an announcement, or if you’re a professor, encourage students to participate. Additionally, you can support by sharing on social media.

Civic Action Week Committee 

Many thanks to the continued work of our Civic Action Week Committee. Members include: 

  • Robert Burch ’25, Partnership Chair for WashU Votes 
  • Sophia Dutton ’23, President of Heart for the Unhoused 
  • Konnie Henning, Senior Program Manager, Associate Director of Advising for the Center for Experiential Learning (CEL) 
  • Louis Jones, Voter Engagement Coordinator for the Gephardt Institute
  • Bethany Copeland, Engage Democracy Fellow for the Gephardt Institute
  • Nina Lukow, Graduate Impact Forum Advisory Board Member 
  • Julia Rabin, Graduate Evaluation, Assessment, and Research Fellow at the Gephardt Institute
  • Sonia Sequeira, Associate Director of Community Engagement for the Gephardt Institute
  • Fatima Delgado Taboada, Residential Community Director for Residential Life
  • Andy Wiegert, Director of Graduate Student Affairs 


A special thanks to our sponsor, the Women’s Society of Washington University, for their financial support of this new endeavor.  


Washington University in St. Louis is a non-partisan, tax-exempt institution. The University is prohibited by law from engaging in the campaign of any candidate or political party.  Individual students and student groups may engage in partisan activities, but they do not speak on behalf of the University.  Listing of an event or activity herein does not constitute University sponsorship, support, or endorsement of any political candidate, political party, or political action committee.