Our staff would love to talk with you about your interests, ideas, plans, and passions.  We offer resources for both undergraduate and graduate students and are happy to answer quick questions or to engage in broader discussions.

Weekly Drop-In Hours
(during academic semesters):

Thursdays, 3-5pm 
Stix House
6470 Forsyth Blvd.
Danforth Campus

We look forward to discussing a range of civic engagement topics, including:

  • Looking for a student group that’s the right fit
  • Seeking a volunteer opportunity with a local nonprofit
  • Navigating options for nonprofit internships in St. Louis or other cities
  • Discussing student group plans, goals, or dilemmas
  • Starting a new student group
  • Developing or expanding a community-based project
  • Accessing resources to learn more about a specific social issue or social change strategy
  • Learning about Gephardt Institute programs such as Civic Scholars, Each One Teach One, and Goldman Fellows