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Engagement fair slated to help students find their civic interests

Gephardt’s annual Civic Engagement Fair gives students the opportunity to explore WashU student groups with missions grounded in community service, civic engagement, diversity and inclusion, social justice and more. 

The Gephardt Institute’s annual Civic Engagement Fair brings together student organizations and efforts for social change in one place, at one time.  

On Sept. 13 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the South 40 Clocktower Patio, students are welcome to peruse a wide range of student-led social action groups and volunteer opportunities. Featuring over 50 student groups, the Civic Engagement Fair is a platform for efforts concerning community service, advocacy, political issues, social justice, and identity, to name a few. The fair is the perfect opportunity for anyone curious to explore their interests in a casual, market style setting accompanied by sweet treats and live music.  

“[The fair] is a great, low-stakes starting point for students who want to explore their interests, and it’s a good place to find outlets for civic engagement and opportunities to connect with peers who share similar interests,” Student Engagement Specialist Sophie Devincenti said about the upcoming event.