Campus Y

Campus Y is the largest student-run organization dedicated to serving the St. Louis and WU community, with 28 student run programs addressing a variety of issues, interests, and community needs.


Help to Heal volunteers at a transitional housing facility for abused women and their children; tutoring and leading small group activities that allow the children to express their feelings in a safe environment. Campus Y group.

S.A.G.E. (Service Across GEnerations) is an opportunity to become a friend to senior citizens in the community through one-on-one interactions and group activities at a nearby assisted living center. Campus Y group.

T.A.G.G.E.D. (Tutoring Adults to Get G.E.D.’s) provides adults with one-on-one tutoring to help them complete their G.E.D. high school equivalence exams. Campus Y group.

The Writing Shelter helps create a safe place for exploration, where mentors and survivors of domestic violence can engage in creative writing. Campus Y group.

Wash. U. H.O.P.E. (HIV Outreach Prevention Education) provides supportive services to people living with HIV/AIDS and promotes AIDS awareness on campus and within the community. Campus Y group.


W.A.G.S. (Working so Animals Get Support) helps support and socialize dogs and cats at local animal shelters. Campus Y group.


Arts and Kids creates opportunities that expose children to the arts through drawing, painting, and other craft projects in after-school programs. Campus Y group.

Picture the Future encourages students in new ways of learning about themselves and their world as they combine photography and creative writing. Campus Y group.

Project Picasso incorporates arts and crafts with art history to benefit the children in the hematology/oncology ward of St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Campus Y group.

Project Sunshine provides arts and crafts, special events, and care packages for the youth at local children’s hospitals. Campus Y group.

Spotlight on Youth performs short plays regarding important life lessons, such as bullying, peer pressure, and diversity for elementary-aged students. Volunteers write scripts, perform, direct, and help design mobile sets. Campus Y group.


Gateway provides classroom aides to assist in a variety of educational activities on Saturday mornings through the Gifted Resource Council’s gifted education program for students in grades K-8.  Campus Y group.

Koaches 4 Kids is an opportunity to coach a little league sports team, working with parents to plan and lead practices, and assist with the organization of the team. Campus Y group.

P.A.L.s (Promoting Active Lifestyles) fights childhood obesity by promoting active lifestyles through nutrition education & health advocacy. Campus Y group.

V.E.R.D.E. (Volunteers for Environmental Restoration, Development, and Education)works to foster a greater awareness about environmental issues among school children and assist nearby communities with beautification and restoration projects. Campus Y group.

Multiple Issues

Inter-Beliefs Council is a chance to gain a deeper sense of others’ backgrounds and identities through dialogue, group trips, and community involvement. Campus Y group.


Cadence with Care plays musical instruments, either solo or in an ensemble, for patients at the Siteman Cancer Center. Campus Y group.

Special Events

Field Day is a one-day event on April 11 that is built in the same form as the field days we all remember from elementary school – a day full of academic and athletic challenges. Campus Y group.

Safe Trick-or-Treat is a fun-filled afternoon that provides children from the St. Louis community an opportunity trick-or-treat in the residence halls at WU for Halloween. Campus Y group.

STEM Education

Catalyst is a weekly after-school science education program for middle school students that teaches them basic scientific principles and guides them through hands-on science activities.  Campus Y group.

Einstein Explorers provides the patients at the Children’s Hospital with a learning experience and an opportunity to brighten their day through science. Campus Y group.

Science Olympiad works with middle school students to help them master various sciences so they can have the opportunity to participate in Science Olympiad tournaments and non-competitive events.  Campus Y group.


America Reads is a tutoring program for students at nearby schools and other area locations in reading and math; if qualified for Federal Work Study, tutors can get paid. Campus Y group.

Greg Delos Y-Tutor is a weekly tutoring program for students at Wydown Middle School across from the South Forty or Brittany Woods Middle School in University City. Campus Y group.