DisABILITY and Community in St. Louis

September 1, 10am- 5pm

Hosted by Natural Ties and Ability

Join us on this exciting excursion to visit MindsEye, a radio station that has been connecting visually impaired people to the news and entertainment they need to lead full lives for over 40 years. Founded in the 1970s, MindsEye aims to make newspaper content accessible to people who are legally blind, have visual impairment from degenerative diseases, or have physical handicaps that prevent them from turning the pages of a physical newspaper. Come tour the station to find out how they provide news to listeners with everything from audio comic strips to sport recaps and politics. We will also learn about the organization’s philosophies, volunteer opportunities, reflect on disability in the community, and play a fun game of Beep Ball, an inclusive baseball game for people of all ages and abilities! 

This excursion will be available for up to 16 students.

Physical Requirements: Beep ball game will require arm movement