Envisioning the City: Public Art and Public Space in St. Louis

Where is the line between public and private? How do art, architecture, and design reveal who is—and isn’t—welcome in a space? Learn how to read cultural landscapes with Michael Allen, director and architectural historian at the Preservation Research Office: dig into the complicated history of the built environment and consider its implications for residents in the present. Students in this excursion will travel to downtown and midtown St. Louis to discuss the decline and rehabilitation of Union Station, examine the impact of design decisions in the recently renovated Central Library, explore Citygarden and Serra Sculpture Park, and visit the Pulitzer Arts Foundation.

This excursion will be available for up to 15 students and is open to students of all backgrounds and levels of experience.

Physical requirements: There will be a significant amount of walking involved as the group moves between locations (approximately 2-3 miles), and we will be outside for most of the excursion. The diner where we will likely be eating lunch has a meat-heavy menu, so vegetarian options are limited and vegan options are practically nonexistent.

Note: Students participating in this excursion are expected to bring a UPass since the group will take public transit to the excursion site. If this is an issue please notify the Meet St. Louis Coordinator at MeetStLouis@wustl.edu, immediately.