Global Brigades Tour of Casa de Salud

Interested in learning more about St. Louis’ healthcare network for uninsured and undocumented immigrants? Join WUSTL’s Global Brigades Chapter on an excursion to Casa de Salud, a nonprofit medical clinic located on SLU’s campus that provides flat-rate care to the uninsured. The experience will include a tour and Q&A with some of Casa’s staff members, highlighting the numerous volunteer and internship opportunities available through Casa. Our Global Brigades chapter offers both international service brigades in Latin America as well as local day brigades that help deepen an understanding of areas in need in the greater St. Louis community. Through this excursion, we hope to introduce you to one of St. Louis’ vibrant nonprofits that provides essential services to an underserved population. (Lunch will be provided)

This excursion will be available for up to 30 students.

Physical requirements: There will be some walking involved.