Relay for Life Visit to Hope Lodge

Join Wash U Relay For Life in an excursion program where we will visit Hope Lodge, a service funded by the American Cancer Society that provides lodging for cancer patients coming to St. Louis for treatment. We will have the opportunity to cook lunch and get to know the patients staying at the Hope Lodge site. We will then meet with an American Cancer Society representative to learn about the work they do in St. Louis and across the country. This program will allow students to help patients receiving treatment locally while introducing them to cancer prevention and fundraising efforts in the Wash U and St. Louis community.

This excursion will be available for up to 10 students.

Physical requirements: Participants will have to be on their feet for a large portion of the day. We will be preparing food for people with compromised immune systems, so students should not attend if they are feeling ill.

Note: Students participating in this excursion are expected to bring a UPass since the group will take public transit to the excursion site. If this is an issue please notify the Meet St. Louis Coordinator at, immediately.