If you have an announcement geared toward WashU students and employees, you can submit to our weekly Opportunities newsletter using this form. Please note that this newsletter is only distributed when fall and spring classes are in session.

If you have a community-focused announcement, you can also use the form below to submit to The Catalyst, a quarterly newsletter that explores partnerships between Washington University and the St. Louis community. This newsletter features community voices through a series of “notes from the field,” as well as resources and opportunities available to facilitate collaboration and enrich our region. 

Submit resources, events, and other opportunities for involvement and support by completing the form below. 

Guidelines for Opportunities Newsletter Submissions

  • Announcements should be broadly relevant to the Washington University in St. Louis community. Most recipients of the Opportunities newsletter are undergraduate students, although graduate students, staff, faculty and community members also subscribe to the newsletter. Announcements specifically relevant to graduate students will also be included in their monthly newsletter.
  • Submissions should relate to civic engagement and community service opportunities offered by nonprofit and non-partisan organizations. Announcements can address volunteer and civic opportunities in the St. Louis region as well as nonprofit internships, summer, post-graduate and international opportunities, jobs, scholarships, fellowships and trainings.
  • Deadlines: Submissions for Thursday’s Opportunities newsletter should be submitted by noon each Tuesday. You may submit announcements in advance of the date you wish them to be included in the newsletter.
  • Announcements referencing alcohol or with attendance fees over $20 will not be included.  Fundraisers may be considered if the announcement focuses on volunteer opportunities.
  • Repeat announcements are discouraged because of the large volume of submissions. A repeat announcement will be made at the discretion of the Gephardt Institute staff.
  • The Gephardt Institute staff reserves the right to edit or reject all submissions.
  • Washington University in St. Louis is a non-partisan, tax-exempt institution. The University is prohibited by law from engaging in the campaign of any candidate or political party.  Individual students and student groups may engage in partisan activities, but they do not speak on behalf of the University.  Listing of an event or activity herein does not constitute University sponsorship, support, or endorsement of any political candidate, political party, or political action committee.

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