G. Scott Robinson

Plenty Indeed for My Two Hands to Do is a collection of 11 songs performed by guitarist G. Scott Robinson, systems programmer in Washington University in St. Louis’s computing and communications division. A benefit for St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Plenty Indeed features both standards and original compositions showcasing Scott’s intricate melody-chord method of playing. Scott hopes the proceeds will be used to purchase musical instruments and provide lessons for children with cerebral palsy.

The title of the collection comes from its final song, “I Have Two Little Hands,” which Scott learned as a child living in Salt Lake City’s Primary Children’s Hospital. Born with a rare genetic disorder called “osteogenesis imperfecta,” or “brittle bone” disease, Scott spent his first 13 years as a resident of Primary Children’s Hospital, where his love of music was inspired by visits from Roy Rogers and other notable players.

Since that time, Scott’s musical ability has grown, as has his sense of responsibility to give back to his community. “I have a sense of responsibility now that I have beaten the odds and lived my life independently,” Scott said. “I have a responsibility to others who have this same bone disease or who have problems that they think are insurmountable.” Scott’s service has included teaching guitar to disabled children through the Easter Seals Society and through the Kirkwood Community Center as well as participating in several other musical benefit projects.

“Scott, by his nature and his life, exudes an ethic of service that I think should be recognized and honored,” says Steve Givens, Robinson’s nominator for the award and co-producer for the CD. “Although in a wheelchair, he lives by himself, drives his own car, is a talented luthier (guitar maker) and is a gifted jazz guitarist. By his very life, which he has lived independently, creatively and joyfully, he has touched many people.”