Thong Tarm

President, OCA – Asian Pacific American Advocates

As a long time St. Louis resident who was born overseas in the late 1970s, Thong’s family are refugees and immigrants who were fortunate to arrive in the United States post-Vietnam War. While growing up in the metro area, his family owned two businesses. It was during this time Thong learned what hard work is about. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Lindenwood University and a Master’s degree from University of Missouri St. Louis. Thong’s love to figure out how things work and fix them led him to the information technology field. That is where he got his start as an engineer and is currently an IT leader at CK Power. Thong’s responsibility is to make sure the company has the right software and hardware solutions to grow and maintain the business. His volunteer and non-paid job is to lead the current chapter as President for OCA – Asian Pacific American Advocates and on the National Executive Council for OCA National. Thong is excited and hopeful to share ideas and actions to help folks be more civic mind and active in the community. After all, if you live here, you should contribute to make a positive change.