Tiffany Robertson

Founder, Touchy Topics Tuesday

Tiffany Robertson, founder of Touchy Topics Tuesday (TTT),  is a faith-filled African American woman with a strong sense of purpose in life.  She is a leader, a woman led by her own values and concern for the well-being of others throughout the St. Louis region. She functions from her own integrity and reaches beyond herself as she encourages others to do the same.  She makes others better people simply because she relates to them in a positive, constructive, and encouraging way. Tiffany is a deeply reflective person who is committed, in short, to the betterment of the world. She is open-minded, respectful of the opinions of others, yet firmly grounded in the guidance of her faith, which informs all of her decisions and values. Tiffany has been specifically dedicated to the idea of ongoing conversations as a means of cultivating empathy across diverse experiences. Her track record in this endeavor, according to former and current participants and academic supporters, promotes the TTT model as a blueprint for building relationships that prevents further deterioration of our communities, while inspiring synergy across them.