Reflections on 2018 Fall Break Experience

“DC showed me how civic engagement can exist on so many different levels, from international policy down to the local community level.”

–Nathaniel Bernstein, Stern Family Civic Scholar, Class of 2019

“I view my semester in two distinct parts: before DC, and after DC. This was a very enlightening experience for me. It challenged the way I think about political discourse and opposing viewpoints.”

–Kirk Brown, Class of 2020

“The DC trip made me realize more than ever how important policy is and how it shapes communities at the grassroots level. It also solidified my interest in working in an international organization such as USAID following my military service.”

–Haley Allen, Mary and Tom Stillman Civic Scholar, Class of 2019

“The Civic Scholars trip to DC helped me to see how everyone can approach civic engagement in their own way. This empowered me to feel confident that I can integrate civic engagement into my life, no matter my career path.”

–Noah Rennert, Class of 2020

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