St. Louis Up Close


The Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement’s St. Louis Up Close series provides the Washington University community with the opportunity to explore their role as citizens of St. Louis. Local leaders from nonprofits, local government, community based organization, and WashU departments discuss issues important to St. Louis. These casual conversations foster vital conversations and encourage deeper understanding and engagement in the St. Louis community.

st-louis-up-close4A recent theme in our series responds to events in Ferguson. Visit our events page for details on the upcoming events in the series.

  • Unique Neighborhoods that Make Up the Patchwork of Our City
  • Immigrants & Refugees in St. Louis: Their Experiences, Cultural Contributions, and Challenges
  • North St. Louis: Promoting Sustainable Urban Development
  • Public Health: Unique & Promising Intervention Strategies
  • Race Matters: One Street Is Not The Only Thing That Divides Us
  • Art and Community Building: Cherokee Street and Beyond

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