Attend Sara Taksler Assembly Series Film and Discussion

By Jennifer on March 29, 2017

WashU alumna Sara Taksler is a senior producer at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where she has pitched stories and jokes, and researched footage for the iconic funnyman for more than a decade. Taksler is also a filmmaker. Taken together, it makes perfect sense that she decided to make Tickling ...

Attend the Ethics, Money & Politics Conference

By Jennifer on March 23, 2017

Presented by The Center for Ethics in Public Life, the “Ethics, Money, & Politics” conference will bring together those who study political money, those who raise and spend it, and the press who cover it, for an honest conversation driven by experience and data. Registration is $2...

Gephardt and Gingrich Discuss the “Dance” of Democracy in Atlanta

By giadmin on October 22, 2016

During this tumultuous presidential campaign, it is commonplace to hear people mourn for bipartisanship and civil discourse. Attendees at a recent REAL Talks Atlanta forum featuring Congressman Dick Gephardt and Speaker Newt Gingrich were treated to two political giants sharing stories of hard-fo...