The Partnership Extension Grant is designed to support students in their long-term engagement and commitment to St. Louis after a St. Louis Fellowship or Civic Summer focused on the region.

Students in either the St. Louis Fellows or Civic Scholars Programs can apply to this grant to extend their time with the St. Louis organization they partnered with during the summer.


Partner organization must be located in the St. Louis region . 

Partner organization must be the organizational partner from the students’ summer work . 

Applicant must be an undergraduate student enrolled fulltime at Washington University in St. Louis during the time the Partnership Extension Grant is awarded (exceptions will be made for students in 3/2 programs). 

Applicant must obtain a one-page, signed statement of support from their partner organization(s) illustrating a clear alignment and agreement between the community partner and student about the terms of the engagement. 

Engagement plans must be unpaid and un-funded, unless the grant application is to supplement partial funding. Applicants must disclose all confirmed or anticipated funding.

Priority will be given to students facing demonstrated financial barriers to extending their work .

Application Process

Applications are currently closed for the 2023 cycle. Check back in Summer 2024 for an update.  

To learn more, read our blog about the 2023 student grant recipients.

 If you have any questions, please contact our St. Louis Impact Fund Assistant: