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Designing Meaningful Lives and More Equitable Futures

Designing Meaningful Lives and More Equitable Futures
"Designing a Meaningful Life" is a new course that guides WashU students in thinking about how to apply a creative approach to designing their own lives. One of the course’s guests and collaborators was Hilary Sedovic, LMSW, Learning & Education Manager at Creative Reaction Lab. In the article below, learn about the course; Hilary's role as […]

2020 Goldman Fellows Invest in St. Louis While Building Virtual Community

The Goldman Fellows Program, funded by the Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation, is a competitive fellowship that provides $5,000 summer stipends for undergraduate students who secure unpaid internships at nonprofit, community, or governmental organizations in the St. Louis region. Fellows are supported by a network of peers and staff as they embark on their own […]

Reminder to Register and Vote in Upcoming Primaries

Primary elections are taking place across the country, and we encourage all eligible voters to check your local Board of Elections website for upcoming dates and polling information. To update your voter registration or register to vote in any state, click here. For Missouri voters, there will be a primary election on August 4. This […]

Intentional Integration in a Time of Social Distancing

Recently, my husband Lionell, daughter Essence, and I went for a walk in our Shaw neighborhood to get some fresh air and stretch after several days of primarily being indoors. As we navigated our chosen route, we all noticed how many more people were out with babies in strollers, clumsy toddlers, preoccupied teens, friendly and […]

Sustainability Exchange Retreat Invites Students to Dig Deeper as They Collaborate with Community

The Sustainability Exchange is a unique Community Engaged Course that invites interdisciplinary teams of students to tackle real-world energy, environmental, and sustainability problems through an experiential form of education. Guided by a team of faculty advisors from across the university, students collaborate on projects with partners on- or off-campus to explore problems requiring innovative methods […]